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Below we would like to present you our Terms & Conditions, which are the foundation for the preparation and execution of your purchases / orders.

The offer of VCA Talen services is presented on the website and The offer includes courses (training) and exams in the field of occupational safety, management training and vocational training. There are two ways to sign in / purchase a spot for a course. During the purchase, the customer can choose:

  • training / exam, hereinafter referred to as an event. Events are an element of the offer with a defined time, place, scope and language in which it will be provided, for example, Basis VCA training takes place on 01/02/2019 in Nijmegen in Polish.
  • training / exam, hereinafter referred to as a product. The products are elements of the offer with a defined scope of training, e.g. Basis VCA course, VOL VCA or a training for safely operating a forklift course. Before purchasing a product, the client is asked to contact the VCA Talen office and determine the place, time and language in which the course is to be conducted.
  • Book and exam, hereafter referred to as the product. The book is meant for self-study. The content includes all basic knowledge on the subjects discussed in the training. Before ordering the product, the customer is requested to contact our office to schedule an exam date. The book will be sent to you no later than 3 working days after VCA Talen has received your payment.

Conclusion of the contract and provision of the service

The purchase of VCA Talen services can be made via the website, by e-mail or by phone. For those who sign up individually, the same rate is available on our website. Companies that want to enter into a cooperation with us, please contact our office at any time.

The purchase of an online service, by phone or e-mail gives the same right to obtaining the possibility of training and / or exam. It is mandatory to be present at a designated place and time – consistent with information during the purchase. Participants must identify themselves with a valid and generally acceptable ID document and the data provided during the order must match the data on the document. Registration for the course and / or exam does not guarantee a positive result for the exam. VCA Talen does not refund the cost of the course and / or exam in case of failure.

By pushing the “Place order” button, you place a binding order for products / services in the shopping cart. Placing an order is confirmed by email immediately after sending your order. The conclusion of a binding contract occurs with the receipt of your order confirmation.

The purchase does not require the creation of an account in the VCA Talen store, but in case of frequent purchases or the desire to store the order’s history registration is required. It is necessary however to provide an e-mail address, because via the website ( you will be provided with the following documents: confirmation of the entry, invoice, copy of the diploma / certificate, and confirmation of passing the exam.

When purchasing, it is required to provide personal data of candidates, i.e. name, surname and date of birth. The data is used for training purposes only, i.e. issuing official diplomas / certificates. The storage of personal data is in accordance with the Privacy Policy of VCA Talen.

The service is carried out on the day, place and in the language given as details of the event or are determined individually for purchases of the product.

The conditions regarding the VCA system and exam are set in advance ( by an external institution. VCA Talen operates in accordance with the regulations governing the admission to VCA examinations and has no effect on the result of the exam.


The quoted prices at the time of placing the order will apply. The prices offered are final prices, that is, they also include VAT at the current applicable rate. Until full payment of the sale price, the product remains our property.

Any additional costs and / or discounts are communicated individually in the event of new circumstances, e.g. the need to re-take the exam.


As a rule, we offer the following types of payments: fast Internet transfer (IDEAL). To companies we offer the option of placing an order with a deferred payment (based on an invoice). For each order, we reserve the right to exclude certain types of payments and to offer alternatives. Please note that we only accept payments made from bank accounts within the European Union (EU). You bear all costs of the financial transactions.

You hereby give your consent to receive information on the account recognition only in electronic form.

Personal data

In order to execute the order, it is necessary to provide personal data of the participants of the course / exam.

This is required to be able to issue an official (personal) VCA certificate and / or qualifications acquired during the professional course.

The buyer is obliged to collect (duly signed) data for a course/exam candidate according to GDPR– the right to personal data protection. Submission via the contact form at the event or product equals expressing such consent.

This data is free from errors.

This data will be forwarded to the official issuing institutions if necessary.

This data may be deleted at any time on customer’s request.

Persons whose data will be transmitted by the notifying entity must be informed about how their data will be used.

Only the person reporting(buyer) has the right to request access to personal data.

The method of processing and storing personal data is described in detail in the privacy policy.

All changes / errors of personal data on issued diplomas / certificates are reported by clients to the office of VCA Talen. Changes / errors of personal data on diplomas / certificates can be updated free of charge within 14 days from the date of issue of the diploma / certificate.

Returns and withdrawal from the contract

Free cancellation and reimbursement can take place up to 48 hours before paid training and / or exam. After this period, the customer / customer covers 100% of the costs associated with the order.

All refunds are made automatically to the account used by you for payment. In the case of payment by bank transfer to the account, the payments will be returned to the account from which the transfer was made.


All complaints regarding products / services purchased in our store, as well as the progress of your order should be submitted by e-mail to or via the contact details provided on the Contact page. The Customer Care contact details are provided in section 8 below.

Your complaint will be processed by us within 14 days from the date of receipt of a complete complaint application. We will notify you immediately about any missing items in the complaint form. With this notification you will receive information on how to fill in the complaint form.

We would like to inform you that you have the option of using out-of-court complaint and redress procedures in accordance with the Online Dispute Resolution procedure developed by the European Commission available at: =

Customer Care

If you have additional questions, please refer to our “FAQ” section or contact us.

Other information

These regulations can be found at In addition, you can print or save this document using the usual functions of your web browser (most often: File -> Save as). You can also download this document in PDF format. In order to open a PDF file you need a free Adobe Reader program (available at or another similar program that opens files in PDF format.

You can archive your order details simply by downloading the regulations and saving the order summary information on the last page of your order when you place it in the online store using the “Save as” function in your web browser; You can also wait for confirmation of the order, which we will send you by e-mail after completing the order process at the address provided by you. This e-mail confirming the order contains all relevant information about your order.

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