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BHV training “First Aid Specialist” is intended for employees who are responsible for providing first aid at the workplace.
The purpose of the training Getting to know the methods and actions limiting damage and saving lives and preparing them in a responsible way in the event of an accident or emergency situation in the workplace.
Duration of training: 1 day: hours 9.00- 16.00
Validity of the BHV diploma: 2 years

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The training consists of two parts: theoretical and practical. Training program First Aid Cases: open wounds, effects of eye damage, cuts and bruises of body parts, broken bones, muscle injuries, burns. First Aid Cases that require immediate action: resuscitation, other cases requiring immediate intervention, choking, shock, heart attack, stroke, epilepsy attacks, diabetes, concussion. Extinguishing a fire: fire and dangers during a fire, the role of the person in charge of first aid, rules for the use of extinguishing agents. Evacuation and reporting procedures: preparation for the evacuation, supplies and available means to safely carry out the evacuation process, the role of the person in charge of the first aid. Number of participants in a group: 8-10

Training coordinator:

Izabela Bremer-Filipiak Tel. 024-3730654 E-mail:

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